The Tape SolutionTM

Setting new PV standards

Here at Sticky, our vision is to contribute to solar PV arrays on every roof, in every country!

46 years ago, Bill Gates and Paul Allen conceived their vision for “a computer on every desk, in every home” which lay the foundation for a revolution in personal computing and the creation of Microsoft.

Here at Sticky our vision is to contribute to solar PV arrays on every roof in every country. For that to happen, the industry needs to shift gears. The Tape Solution™ revolutionizes solar photovoltaic module manufacturing by enabling substantially higher throughput at lower cost, more ambitious levels of sustainability and minimized factory footprint.

Sticky Solar Power (formerly known as JB EcoTech) is a Swedish developer and supplier of innovative solar photovoltaic technology solutions. The company is based in Stockholm, was founded in 2012 and is owned by its founders.

The Tape SolutionTM

The Tape Solution™ is an innovative, technology agnostic cell interconnection and string production technology that avoids lead, decreases silver consumption, lowers cost, increases throughput and minimizes factory footprint. The technology has been developed by Sticky Solar Power since 2012 and is currently undergoing final industrialization ahead of commercial launch.

Key Features

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Technology agnostic and future proof

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Reduced silver (Ag) demand

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Rapid integration into existing high-volume production lines

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Higher production capacity

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Lead (Pb) avoidance, RoHS 2022 compliant

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Minimizes factory footprint

The Team


Jonas Buddgård Jonas Buddgård CEO General Management, Financial Administration and Product Development / Masters degree in electronics, Executive management program, 8 years of running business, 13 years of experience in solar.


Andrew Machirant Andrew Machirant Commercial Director MBA (Warwick), postgrad. study in Environmental Science, BA Combined Studies in Arts. 20+ years international business experience of which 16 years in the solar industry with a focus on commercial transactions, market development and strategic planning; chairman and co-founder of a PV system integration venture from start-up to exit; 10 years on the board of the Swedish Solar Industry Association, expert advisor to the Swedish Energy Agency in solar and wind power R&D programs.
Torgny lagerstedt Torgny lagerstedt Technology Director IP Strategy and Technology Development / PhD in Physics. 40 years of R&D in Swedish industry. Holds a number of patents (30) in different fields.

Advisory Board

Tomas Kåberger Tomas Kåberger Chairman of the Executive Board of Renewable Energy Institute, Tokyo. MSc in Engineering Physics, a PhD in Physical Resource Theory, and Associate Professor in Environmental Science. From 2008 until 2011 Tomas was Director General of the National Swedish Energy Agency and has served as vice chairman of IRENA. Currently serves on the Board of Directors of Vattenfall, the Research Council of Norway and the Swedish Climate Policy Council. Earlier he has been on the Board of Swedish and European Environmental Citizen’s organizations, and China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development as a member of a task force on Low-Carbon Industrialization Strategies.
Bo Normark Bo Normark 38 years of industrial work experience in senior management positions at ABB. Board/Advisory Board member of public and private organizations e.g. the Swedish National Grid Authority, the Swedish National Energy Agency Development Board; Power Circle, Industrifonden, Power2U, Ferroamp, and the Science Council Group of Total. Thematic Leader for Smartgrids and Storage for EIT InnoEnergy frequently working with EU entities, one of the leaders of EIT InnoEnergy activities in the European Battery Alliance initiative. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).
Jonas Wallmander Jonas Wallmander Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering; 16 years of experience in renewable energy and solar PV. Experience in business development, product development, solar PV module/cell/wafer development and manufacturing.