The Tape Solution™ Stringer TS 2000

Solar Stringer Machine

Reduced silver (Ag) demand
Less Silver
Lead (Pb) avoidance, RoHS 2022 compliant
No lead
Minimizes factory footprint
Minimized footprint
Technology agnostic and future proof
Tailored Solution
Rapid integration into existing high-volume production lines
Rapid integration
Higher production capacity
Higher Capacity

Sticky Solar Power offers solar stringer machines. Our solution is free from lead and requires 60% less silver producing a PV module. 

By avoiding high temperature soldering we lower the risk of cracking the cells. The interconnection is instead performed at room temperature. Eliminating bowing/warping of the solar cells.

Our trademarked The Tape Solution™ can integrate into any production line. Developed for Hetero Junction(HJT), Perovskite, Topcon and IBC solar module production. 

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The tape solution. How does it work? 

  1. A sticky tape incorporating tabbing wires rolls out on a conveyor belt. 
  2. A robot arm places solar cells upon the tape holding it in place.
  3. The machine places tape on top of the solar cell unless it is an IBC module.
  4. The machine cuts strings to suitable lengths. Afterwards place them upon a glass with EVA/POE.
  5. The interconnection occurs during the lamination. 

The standard way of interconnecting solar cells is soldering. A solar stringer places wires containing lead upon the solar cells. The soldering reaches a temperature of over 240 degrees celsius in a matter of seconds. Increasing the risk of cracking the cells.

Hetero Junction (HJT) and Perovskite cannot endure high and rapid changes in temperature. Furthermore bowing/warping will occur during soldering of back contact (IBC) modules.

The Tape Solutions resolves all these issues. The soldering occurs in the lamination process. Reaching a max temperature of 160 over a 10 minute span. This prevents cracking of solar cells and bowing/warping.

The Tape solution combines the soldering and lamination into one. Thus eliminating the use of lead and silver.

Reduced production cost and increased Throughput.

By removing the soldering The Tape Solution™ cut the cost of silver by 60% when making a solar module. Of all solar module breakage an estimated 41% is a result of soldering during interconnection. Interconnection done at room temperature reduces the possibility of solar cells cracking.

As the soldering occurs during lamination the Tape solution streamlines production. By average this reduces the cost by 5-7% in making a standard PV module.

Our solar stringer machine operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Capable of single track interconnecting 2000-2500 solar cells per hour. The Tape Solution can integrate into any production line. Leaving a small factory footprint of only 5m².

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Technical specifications:

  • Soldering technology: No soldering, connection takes place during the lamination step. <160 °C
  • Cell technology, types: HJT, Perovskite, mono-/poly-crystalline, front & back side contacted, bi-facial, all commercial available types.
  • Throughput: 2000 cells/h 24/7 365 days single track. Option to upgrade to 2500 singletrack.
  • Cellformat: M2, M6, M10 and M12
  • Dimensions 5.50 m x 1 m x 2.30 m and with Lay up: 9.1 m x 6.0 m x 3.0 m


  • Room temperature interconnection eliminates the need for single solar cell soldering.
  • Soldering and lamination combined into one step
  • Lower risk of solar cell cracking
  • No bowing of back contact solar cells(IBC)
  • Uses no lead
  • 60% reduced cost of silver
  • Digital IoT monitorization of production
  • Enabling new high efficiency cells such as HJT, Perovskite, Topcon and IBC

IEC 61215

Solar modules created by the Tape solution have passed the IEC 61215 thermal cycling test. The solar panels must not lose more than 5% of their original max power after being exposed to 200 cycles.

After 600 cycles the panels lose only 1.1% of their original power. The solar panels made with the tape solution are both cost and energy efficient.

Environmental and Health:

The Tape Solution™ is an environment friendly technology that reduces the use of lead by 90%. Lead is a cumulative toxic substance. It contaminates air, water and soil, while causing lead poisoning. Lead accumulates in the brain, liver, kidney and bones. Estimated to account for 1.06 million deaths and 24.4 million years of health life lost due to long-term effects on health.

Cutting-Edge Features

Our solutions are built on advanced technology and packed with cutting-edge features to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Everything we do amounts to you saving time and production costs.

Tailored to Your Needs

Reduced silver (Ag) demand

Rapid integration into existing high-volume production lines

Higher production capacity

Lead (Pb) avoidance, RoHS 2022 compliant

Minimizes factory footprint

Sticky Solar in a brief


Saving time and production costs

An innovative, technology flexible for all cell interconnection and string production technology that avoids lead, decreases silver consumption, lowers cost, increases throughput and minimizes factory footprint.

SDGs Covered by Sticky

For a brighter future

"PV arrays on every roof, in every country!"

Stickys Vision

50 years ago, Bill Gates and Paul Allen conceived their vision for “a computer on every desk, in every home” which lay the foundation for a revolution in personal computing and the creation of Microsoft. At Sticky, our vision is to contribute to solar PV arrays on every roof, in every country!
Our vision for the future is carried by

Our Company

Here at Sticky, our vision is to contribute to solar PV arrays on every roof, in every country!

For that to happen, the industry needs to shift gears. The Tape Solution™ revolutionizes solar photovoltaic module manufacturing by enabling substantially higher throughput at lower cost, more ambitious levels of sustainability and minimized factory footprint.

Sticky Solar Power is a Swedish developer and supplier of innovative solar photovoltaic technology solutions. The company is based in Stockholm, and is owned by its founders.

The Tape Solution™ revolutionizes solar photovoltaic module manufacturing by enabling substantially higher throughput at lower cost, more ambitious levels of sustainability and minimized factory footprint.

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